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Why Take a Gap Year?

Do you feel like you’re not quite ready for college, but you know you want to do something meaningful after high school – something where you can make a difference, create memories and find God’s plan for your future? What if you could take a gap year, but make it count for so much more?

More and more students are taking gap years: a year in between high school and college, designed to help students discover who they are and the direction for their futures. Since 1970, the Word of Life Bible Institute has combined the concept of a gap year with faith-forming experiences to equip students for the future—whatever it may bring.

At Word of Life, you will not just learn more about yourself, develop new friendships, explore the world and find your calling, but also deepen your faith and develop a biblical foundation for life, all while earning college credit. Meet the Word of Life Bible Institute—the original gap year.

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Download our free resource, where one student shares his gap year experience and how it impacted his life forever. In this free resource, you’ll find information on:

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  • Common gap year myths (and how to bust them)
  • How a gap year can benefit your career
  • And how to make your gap year count for more

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Make It Count for More

With Campuses Around the World

Word of Life Bible Institute is an accredited post-secondary program offering Bible study and ministry training designed to help students deepen their faith and discover God’s vision for their lives. Through community life and hands-on ministry, biblical studies coursework and discipleship, Word of Life Bible Institute is an immersive experience that equips students for the future by laying a biblical foundation for success, whether in a secular career or in full-time ministry. With campuses in New York, Florida, Canada and South Korea, Word of Life Bible Institute is tailored to the needs and dreams of students who are passionate about knowing God and experiencing the transforming power of His Word – all while giving you opportunities to see the world, develop life-long friendships and earn college credit. Can you say best gap year ever?


This gap year isn’t a year off; it’s a year that sets you up for your calling. Today our graduates work in business, media, arts, entertainment, fashion, ministry and more. But they all say the same thing: Word of Life Bible Institute was the best year of their lives. Here are their stories.

"Word of Life Bible Institute provided a solid biblical foundation in developing my Christian-Worldview...""


Sean Langille

Digital Engagement Editor for the Washington Examiner

"I think the biggest thing I took from the Bible Institute was the discipline to get into the Word and to truly study it....""


Chelsea Huizing

Campus Life Director with Youth for Christ

"The vision for Woodlawn is very cool... Can we spark, or be a part of sparking a revivial with a movie...""


The Erwin Brothers

Producers of "Moms' Night Out", "October Baby", and "Woodlawn"

Life at the Word of Life Bible Institute




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What students have to say about their gap year

“I’m learning how much God truly rewards faith and obedience with peace, prosperity, and good success. The more I read the Word and the more I pray and petition God, the better. In high school my walk with Christ wasn’t daily so I wasn’t content. But through faithfully studying the Bible and by simply asking God for sanctification, I have been blessed in so many ways.”

Colin Boyden · 1st year at the Bible Institute

“Already, God has taught me some very important truths. Through the Galatians class at the beginning of the first semester, I learned about my identity in Christ and what identity means for my daily life. I am fully holy, righteous, and redeemed through Jesus Christ. Because of this, I don’t have to care what people think about me, I am enough and fully accepted by God. I am able to lay my burdens down and have peace because Jesus has defeated them.”

Meredith Arnold · 1st year at the Bible Institute

“Growing up, I was always in and out of the hospital because of heart issues and chronic illness, but I am so grateful my parents always taught me to view my health issues as a blessing from God. Coming to the BI, I knew that God was going to stretch me and help me grow more in my faith, but I always had this fear deep down that I was going to get severely ill again and would not be able to focus. One of the things God has kept reminding me lately is that, 'Yes, you could go to the hospital at any time this year, but is this going to stop you from being a light for me?' Being here truly is a blessing from God and I’m so grateful for all of the encouraging people around me on campus!"

Alida Babcock · 1st Year at the Bible Institute

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